Thursday, 6 September 2012

4. Wednesday 5th September 2012

Jennifer writes:

Another glorious day of sunshine, seems we picked the best weeks of the year to do our dig, or possibly the weather knows that we don’t want to be working in rain and mud!

Unsurprisingly we carried on finding more stones - and more stones, as we carried on digging down. The upper trench got expanded across another wall and today finds actually appeared; bits of bone, teeth and the mysterious - not stone, not pottery - artefacts.
Photo by Alan Williams
The smaller trench that was added yesterday, today uncovered more flat stones creating a conundrum of an uneven floor, perhaps.
In the large trench beside it we also found some charcoal, enough to carbon date, so there’s some hope there. But otherwise very little has happened today.

Yet again, today we received some excellent almond slices and cherry sponge cake, which weren’t enjoyed by the sheep that decided to join us today and leave their own trails on the trenches.

Hopefully the sun will keep on shining, and digging down deeper we might get to the ‘pottery layer’, or at least some stones of interest.

Jennifer Stearn  

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