Tuesday, 11 September 2012

7. Monday 10th September 2012

Jennifer writes:

A surprising number of finds today, adding to the ever increasing list of finds, including ironstone and flint found by Peter - that wasn’t chert, thankfully!
Photo by John Asher
The work was carried on by a hard-core, or possibly mad, group. But due to the somewhat torrential weather, work ended at lunch. Yet in the morning we still had time to open a new trench, finish the test-trench, backfill it, and also to plot everything on the total-station. 
Photo by John Asher

A surprising amount of work was done, despite the conditions, and typically the sun started to shine as we trudged back down the hill.
Photo by John Asher
Today we eventually gave up trying to chase the sheep off the trenches and left them to it, but hopefully tomorrow they will have left us something to dig, and let it not be a reservoir.

Jennifer Stearn

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